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How do donations benefit Mountainland Technical College?

With your support, we’re taking our commitment to success to a whole new level. Your generous contributions to On The Rise make a direct and meaningful impact, exactly where you want it.
By supporting this effort, you are providing critical resources that fuel initiatives such as student success, faculty excellence, and institutional support.
Join us as we create opportunities, inspire excellence, and elevate individuals to new heights.
We understand that every donor is unique, with individual interests and aspirations. That’s why we offer a personalized giving experience, allowing you to customize your contributions based on what matters most to you.
Your contribution becomes a reflection of your values, ensuring that your generosity has a meaningful and lasting impact.

Here are a few examples of how YOU can make a difference:

Because of the support I’ve received from Mountainland Technical College, I have been able to achieve far greater than I ever thought I would. MTECH has truly helped me to recognize my worth and the value I have to offer in my career.
Jaycee Erickson
EMT Student